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INFP personality in the workplace


INFP managers

  • Flexible and open-minded
  • Likely to become very emotional in stressful situations, though INFPs will also be able to hide this from other people
  • Respect every subordinate, doing their best to support and motivate the team
  • May find it very difficult to discipline or criticize somebody in the workplace
  • Like delegating responsibilities to trusted subordinates
  • Very goal-oriented
  • Highly intuitive listeners. INFPs can easily sense the change of mood in the team.
  • Prefer flat hierarchies and do not see themselves as stereotypical managers
"There’s no doubt about it, INFPs are unique. They lead their lives according to an inner compass that can often lead them off the beaten path and in their own direction. INFPs are also gifted with a creative spark that allows them to generate new, unconventional and even revolutionary ideas. Their thoughts and ideas are frequently focused on people, and they have an easy time relating to - and understanding - their fellow human beings. In fact, INFPs often appear to have an x-ray vision into the inner-workings of other people. Most successful INFPs attribute success to an innate ability to flex their style to meet others more than halfway. This makes them naturals at effective communication, and they are usually considered to be excellent listeners – rarely judging, just seeking to understand. INFPs have very strong personal values, which have a large impact on their actions and decisions. They seek to feel that they are living their lives in accordance with their values and what “feels” right to them. Unlike their INTP colleagues (who are exceptionally logic driven), INFPs are uncomfortable making decisions based predominantly on impersonal, logical analysis. INFPs trust their hunches more than most, and have a tendency to read between the lines of what others are saying more than any other type."
"Unique, Creative, Unconventional" and "Driven By Personal Values" from Type Coach’s Description of an INFP (via theabstractintrovert)
"The big secret to breaking the rules is to make it look as though you’re following them."

Johann Liebert - Monster (via animegirl1363)

This is what I do. 


It’s not called ‘losing a friend’. It’s called ‘parting ways with people who don’t share the same value as you. ‘